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Web 2.0: A Medium Politicians Can’t Afford to Miss

Being the largest racial minority group in the US, political campaigns could not afford to miss any medium in order to reach-out on Hispanics.

The extraordinary Obama presidential campaign gave us a clear lesson on the importance of new media in order to maximize visibility and transparency for the campaign. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace are some of the leading sites in the US. Their capability to switch from English to Spanish or vice-versa and popularity within the US puts them in the front for favored social websites among US resident Latinos.

In a online survey made by it is evident than over 50% of Latinos, residing in the US, regularly use US based/English originated social media.


Many Latino political leaders currently use various forms of social media to communicate with their constituents. The personal touch of social media gives an intimate and comfortable tone to gain likeness from politicians, “Just went to Pink’s where they named a dog after me,” tweeted LA mayor A. Villaraigosa (Mexican-American) from his mobile phone on February 28. On the presidential primary’s campaign governor Bill Richardson (Mexican-American) covered as many social media networks as his fellow contender Barack Obama. Although Richardson did not win the presidential nomination, his understanding of the importance of social media is evident and his continual use of them is continuous “Engaging in dialogue at the 1st annual state tribal summit at Acoma Pueblo,” twitted Ricardson on May 5th. Political campaigns, as well as American big cities, have evolved with technology and diversified in order to become more competitive.

According to Manny Miravete, VP sales and strategy of MySpace and MySpace Latino, sixty five percent of Hispanics online are now using social media. This fact is important in a political campaigns because if campaign organizers are trying to increase votes of young adults and particularly of Hispanics, social media should be one of their most important mediums in order maximize their campaign’s visibility.

This fact have not been overlooked by the San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom, who’s running for California governor in 2010. Newsom’s campaign team understands the importance of social media and the role it plays for minorities, particularly Hispanics, who are the largest minority group in California. A study made by shows that minorities like Asians and Blacks, but particularly non-Hispanic whites and English preferring Hispanics under 35 years of age visit social network sites at least 2 or 3 times a month. Because of their collectivistic values, the social connectivity and a large under 30 generation of Hispanics, it is no wonder that social media could do wonders influencing the Latino vote.

Slowly but surely Latino politicians and politicians in general submerge into the waves of the online social media current. Some to remain and continue to update like Senator Menendez “Hosted Judge Sotomayor in my office. Incredibly intelligent, which is reflect in her stellar record. Will be a terrific justice,” who tweeted in June 4th; or others to join and leave as San Francisco City Attorney, Dennis Herrera who said “working” on his first and last 2008 tweet in the Tweeterphere.

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