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Is Social Media Helping or Hurting California Politics

October 5, 2009

by Spot Us May 21, 2009 The following is a three part series funded by Spot.Us, written by Jackson West with editorial support from The content is Creative Commons, but all three parties must be given attribution. Social Media Meets Politics: Pols Chasing Publicity Find Web Waters Welcoming Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other popular […]

Social Media Release (SMR)

June 14, 2009

  Social Media Release is a versatile way to promote your news release within the online media. Depending on who you’re desired audience will be, you should decide on whether to use it. SMR is an alternative for promoting your news release. It should be considered in some cases or included to generate broader visibility.

Web 2.0: A Medium Politicians Can’t Afford to Miss

June 9, 2009

Being the largest racial minority group in the US, political campaigns could not afford to miss any medium in order to reach-out on Hispanics. The extraordinary Obama presidential campaign gave us a clear lesson on the importance of new media in order to maximize visibility and transparency for the campaign. Social Media sites like Facebook, […]