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There is no doubt I’m a lucky guy

For many years I struggle so much: school, work, relationships, family and life in general. Practically everyone have gone or is going through these struggles at one point or another.

Personally, I like to see things as positive as a child’s waiting for a Christmas gift. He knows he will get something good, so he waits and hopes that his good deeds will pay off at this moment.

The pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to reveal a picture. A picture that’s amusing to my eyes and that I’ve never seemed before. What I see in this picture is how lucky I am.

Is just something I’m feeling now.

I like being thankful rather than resentful. My parents always said: “Lo que es para ti, tuyo sera” (what’s meant for you, yours will be). This simple and common phrase has helped me get up and seize on the moments where I fell down. This phrase has given me patience and optimism, something very important when you know you’re full of blemish.

I enjoy where I am now. I wish everyone would feel this way. I know there’s much more to come and many more struggles to overcome. However, day after day I learn more to appreciate. The more I appreciate the less I worry, everyone should try that. I don’t deserve anything I got. Who am I to receive? But who are you who gives it to me? You are great, you are great for handing in.

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